Living In A Home During Renovations

ByMarc Silberberg


It seems like contractors are all busy with making homes a little more comfortable for those that live in them. Over the past couple of years, and especially with the onset of the pandemic home owners have taken note that there is simply no place like home. Even with kids back in class learning, parents are still stationed at their work desks situated in the den, living room, or bedrooms. Many companies have weighed the pros and the cons of bringing everyone back to the office and some have just kept remote work in place. Some might think that it has to do with the pandemic but in all likelihood it’s more economical not having to maintain an office. At the same time it seems like most employees are ok with it as long as their children are in school and they have the peace of mind to work. Since that is the case people want to make their homes more livable in the most economical fashion and that means a slow home renovation that comes with the dust, debris, and lots of empty cardboard boxes.

Now that can bring lots of discomfort to the inhabitants as they go to sleep and wake up with the dust and particles in the air, especially to those who have asthma or are allergic to dust. It’s not like you can just clean up the mess and get rid of the small particles that come from cutting into sheetrock. Even after a good mopping of the floor just a couple hours later you will see a film of dust on top of the floor, especially if it’s a dark color wood or laminate. There is no solution but It can take weeks before the home’s indoor air quality gets back to normal. 

Lighting Installation

Some people like their homes dim and cozy while others like it bright and inviting to the eye. Adding spotlight fixtures can certainly enliven your home but it does bring a mess with it and being around during renovations can impact your family in multiple ways. Prior to hiring an electrician try and get some insight into their work as you don’t want your whole ceiling to get torn up. With every circular cut into the ceiling a significant amount of white powder and saw dust comes along with it. Therefore you want to make sure that whomever you hire will do a neat job and be ok with the family being around. 

Covering Couches & Furniture

Plastic sheeting is the best option for covering countertops, furniture, and appliances but you can get away with plastic tablecloths that are much cheaper. If you’re the type that likes inexpensive hacks, go to your local dollar store and purchase the rectangular party table cloths which can also do the job. Be sure to cover everything as the dust and the particles from the cut up ceiling will go everywhere. Some handymen will have a dust collector that helps catch the particles before it hits the ground, just bear in mind that it makes a lot of noise which the family may not like.

Getting The Right Light Bulbs For Newly Installed Fixtures

When shopping online for a light fixture one of the things that people forget is to get the right light bulbs. All too often homeowners will take a liking to a certain fixture, purchase it, have the electrician install it, but no light. That’s because the fixture does not come with the lightbulbs and most people have no idea what G16.5 and E26 means when it comes to lighting. Then they search Amazon and purchase a bulb that looks right but when one opens the package the bulb does not fit. Since that’s the case, reach out to the manufacturer and ask them what bulbs does this fixture need. Just keep in mind that the more modern the fixture looks the more difficult it is to find the right bulbs.

Getting Enough Power From The Circuit Breaker

Another item that homeowners will tend to overlook is to make sure that the electric line for the newly installed spotlights or fixtures has enough electricity. The last thing you want is to install a set of lights in your home without being able to use them because when the switch is turned on the circuit breaker trips. If this is the case a licensed electrician can rework the electricity to give the lights enough power for illumination. 

Bathroom Renovation

Doing over your bathroom does not sound too difficult so what does it entail to live in the master bedroom while it’s being done? First you should rethink using that bedroom as there will be workers there pretty much all day. Especially with the current worker shortage, some craftsmen are working multiple jobs in a day and can sometimes be there until after 8 PM. If there is an extra bedroom in your home it’s best to move there during the bathroom renovation.

The biggest impact is the demolition of walls in the living area where your family sleeps. Young children are sensitive to dust and other particles that come along with a renovation and you need to be prepared for it. That might mean getting air purifier machines for their room during the cold winter months or keeping the window slightly ajar to allow fresh air to come in. Always be sure that for young children there is a window lock for their safety. 

Along with a bathroom renovation comes all the bulky products like shower stalls, vanities, toilets, bathtubs, and shower trim systems. This can take up a lot of room and the contractor is not keeping it in the back of his truck. Therefore be sure that you have ample room to store these products until they are ready to be fitted into the newly renovated bathroom.

While amidst a bathroom renovation the family will be down one bathroom. Having multiple bathrooms in the living area is often taken for granted but being down to one might create havoc during shower time. Therefore be prepared and see to it that there are allotted times for using the bath and shower to prevent a shower fueled family feud.

When purchasing shower and tub fixtures, interior designers will recommend brands like Moen and Delta. Though those brands are American made and top quality there are generic options that are a quarter of the price. Each homeowner needs to decide whether to go with high quality or something that is a bit more economical but all should know that there are inexpensive options with good reviews on Amazon. That’s for everything from the faucets, shower heads, tub fillers, and everything in between.

Dust Dust Everywhere!

The problem is that besides for a film of dust showing up weeks after the home renovation, it also gets into your air ducts and gets circulated all around the home. Having a good air filter in your air handler and vents can definitely help out but that might not do the trick to completely get rid of the dust. The particles from the building materials are already in the living space and can settle in the ducts when the system is off, especially during the winter when the air blower is not activated as often. That means dust has already settled in the ducts and needs to be cleaned by a local air duct professional

But there is much speculation as whom to hire and how much does air duct cleaning cost? That’s where a recommendation for a duct cleaning specialist can be helpful to a homeowner who just came off a recent home renovation. There really is no one price until the home is inspected and a formal quote is given. The first sign of a duct cleaning scam is the low price without anyone coming down to inspect the home. Every home is different and there is no one price that fits all.

Once you settle on a duct cleaning company, they will thoroughly clean your HVAC ducts and deposit all the unwanted particles from the recent home renovation outside the home. In addition, they will clean all around the outside of each of the air vents and make sure that there are no clumps of dust surrounding it. Thereafter a good quality vacuum of the carpet should get rid of any remaining dust that has settled in between the carpet fibers.

Final Words

Making the living areas pleasant post COVID-19 is important for our families as our homes are being used more than ever. For most of us that will go through a home renovation we will be there to witness it and have to deal with the challenges that they bring along with it. Just be cautious so that the dust does not impact the health of your loved ones and prepare yourself with options that can help them deal with it. Air purifiers and open windows can often do the trick and can be of assistance keeping the dust and building particles out of their rooms. It will definitely be a few challenging months but there is no place like a newly renovated home. Wishing you the best of luck and happy home renovating!

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