Fentanyl Decontamination by Duct Vent Cleaning Professionals

ByMarc Silberberg


What is Fentanyl?

It is the scrooge of our century, our decade, our lives. No one can claim to be immune to the devastating consequences of this atrocity that is hitting both the young and the old, the innocent and the guilty.

As a crystalline solid, Fentanyl comes in different variations such as nasal sprays, liquids, powders, intramuscular shots, skin patches, tablets and even lollipops. The fact that it comes in so many different forms makes its accessibility so much more rampant. Illegal fentanyl is dispersed as tainted heroin powder and can be mixed with other illegal substances and named acryl fentanyl and acetyl fentanyl.

This powerful substance is available medically in certain countries such as Canada as a powerful painkiller prescribed by a doctor for patients who are in need of a strong opioid. According to the Canadian Center for Occupational Health and Safety (CCOHS), even a minute amount of fentanyl, as little as four grains of salt can be fatal to the typical adult.

According to the CDC, fentanyl is almost fifty times more powerful than heroin and almost a hundred times more powerful than morphine. In fact, a type of fentanyl combo was used in October to neutralize terrorists who were holding hostages in Moscow.

There are many ways fentanyl can enter the body, but the inhalation approach is the deadliest of all. When a person inhales fentanyl it is immediately absorbed by the lungs and goes straight to the bloodstream becoming toxic instantly. The other methods such as by mouth have a similar effect to inhalation but at a slower rate. Dry skin contact is not as dangerous but should be quickly removed by washing with a low pH soap using lots of running water. (No alcohol based products should be used since these can increase the drug absorption to the skin.) This brings us to the scope of this article, which is the safe removal of fentanyl from homes, schools, office buildings and other arenas.

SoRite DECON to the Rescue

This year a new combative agent has been created to remove fentanyl from exposed areas in matters of seconds. After a one-minute incubation treatment heroin and fentanyl are destroyed. The name of the company that has invented this amazing product is called; Aseptic Health made in the United States of America using the finest materials which are Berry Amendment approved. “The Berry Amendment was named for Ellis Yarnal Berry, who was a member of the U.S. House of Representatives from 1951 to 1971. During his first term in congress, Berry introduced an amendment to the Buy American Act to expand the law to cover all clothing, cotton, and wool. Ever since 1952 any restrictions in the annual Defense Appropriation Acts became known as Berry Amendments. The Berry Amendment became permanent in 1994 by section 8005 of Public Law”.

Finally, we have a superior product that is manufactured in our own country and can be distributed worldwide to save lives and decontaminate crucial areas both in the consumer and military sectors. SoRite DECON is not only fatal to fentanyl but to heroin and xylazine as well. The principal ingredient of this recent addition to the anti-drug arsenal is Sodium Chlorite which is patent pending as of now. It can be used in lower concentrations to avoid human inhalation toxins and is so safe that it can be used without protective gear.

However, any HVAC specialist must be encased in highly protective gear when going into places that are fentanyl affected because even though the anti-fentanyl agent is nontoxic the fentanyl itself is extremely toxic by inhalation.

David Hart, Air Duct Specialist

As recently as March, David Hart working in Bend, Oregon traveled to the Midwest to Indianapolis to present a course of instruction on how HVAC professionals can use SoRite DECON to eradicate Fentanyl in seconds from various structures and indoor venues. The course was given from March 28, 2023, to April 1. The magazine called Restoration and Remediation, heralded this new product as the greatest invention in the air cleaning industry since the dehumidifier.

In a crisis in which first responders must enter a venue where fentanyl was used, the place must first be declared safe for police, firemen and EMTs to enter. This is where the highly trained HVAC specialists enter with special protective gear and within seconds the area is safe for the first responders to enter. For illegal drug infested venues, it is our brave HVAC specialists who are the first responders, and first responders are “second responders”.

Guidelines For HVAC Specialists for Utilizing SoRite DECON

1 – If available, HVAC blueprints should be studied before entering the contaminated site. If these architectural specs are not obtainable locations of the room air intakes and returns, exhausts, and the specific models of the duct systems should be listed for the specialist. These include sheet metal ducts, flexible ducts and where the insulation for the venue is located.

2 – It is crucial to wear protective personal garments when handling or in the vicinity of harmful substances such as fentanyl specifically when the substance is present in the air as a powder.  This entails masks, safety goggles, gloves, and personal protective clothing (PPE)

3 – There are different levels of danger so, if possible, find out which level the site is at. Once the fentanyl is deactivated it is safe for people to return to their homes or businesses.

Keeping Our Homes and Communities Safe From Illicit Drugs Such As Fentanyl

Last month on March 23,2023, there was a fatality in a home in Philadelphia caused by exposure to fentanyl. Commissioner Danielle Outlaw identified the suspicious substance as fentanyl which was found on the dead man and all over the basement of the home. A woman and baby were taken by ambulance to the hospital because they too were exposed to the substance identified in the basement. The firemen had to first put on the correct PPE gear before entering the Northeast Philadelphia rowhome and then had to be decontaminated by a special hazmat process.

Ironically this was only four days before the fentanyl remediation course was given by David Hart in Indianapolis. We do realize that the unidentified man in the basement of this story could not be saved as he was already fatally killed by exposure to fentanyl, however, the firemen would have had an easier time by spraying the home with the new substance that eradicates fentanyl almost instantly. It’s such a pity that the woman and her baby had to be taken to the hospital and hopefully they are made aware that there is something that could return them to their home by using the anti-fentanyl eradicator called, SoRite DECON.

Seniors and those born in a different century may find it difficult to understand why foolish people put themselves into such dangerous situations. We know that addiction is a complex illness, and most people don’t want to die but to live. Living on the edge does have a fascination for immediate gratification junkies. It’s always hard to do the right thing long term whether it’s stopping at a bar on the way home from work or school instead of heading straight to the viable destination or joining a party where drugs are rampant is certainly hard to leave and the fact that marijuana is legal and easily available may be a trigger for heavier, more dangerous drugs. As most of us realize highs just have to get higher and using marijuana indiscriminately just has us begging for something more potent.

The same holds true with alcohol. Where in the past one cup would do the trick for relaxation, now an entire bottle is necessary. The fact that there is a way to eradicate serious drugs from the air by trained HVAC specialists should certainly save lives of innocent bystanders.

If someone is living in a multi dwelling or working in an office building where just one person is using a fentanyl powder or spray it can cause many people to be affected. Innocent children will have no idea why they are feeling so sick or even blameless grownups could be clueless to the dangers of fentanyl inhalation.

The infiltration of drug pushers into our country is just plain out of control. We learn that our country is the home of the free and many of our own relatives were granted asylum and citizenship coming from foreign and oppressive countries. However, we must hold back certain undesirables who come into our country specifically to make money selling illegal drugs and a teen or child does not need money for the first try that is given to them. The next step is theft in order to keep the drug addict satisfied.

Finding a diffuser for fentanyl is a step in the right direction for saving innocent lives. Training HVAC specialists to learn how to safely rid homes, office buildings and schools of this horrible substance in seconds is truly amazing. Professional HVAC specialists are always busy purifying homes, office buildings, hospitals, and other health facilities by cleaning out air ducts and dryer ducts on a regular basis. I wonder if they ever thought they would have to worry about coming into a site that is contaminated by illicit drugs? A professional HVAC specialist does wear protective gear so if he comes in contact with any dangerous substances, he’s ready to go. However, what about the home dwellers who do not know that there is fentanyl powder in their HVAC system? How can they be protected? There is no pure answer to this question but by having your HVAC system maintained on a regular basis you will at least have clean air to breathe and hopefully no one in your home is on drugs. By cleaning your system regularly, you will protect your family from harmful allergens and disease-causing microbes.

Final Words

Although fentanyl was approved by the FDA as a pain reliever in the early 1960’s it has only become popular as an illegal drug in this century. As fentanyl can be taken orally as well as injected and inhaled, it produces highs similar to morphine and heroin, but it takes much less to do more. Secret illegal production of fentanyl is combined with other drugs such as heroin or cocaine and even sold legally as lozenges (ACTIQ®), tablets (ABSTRAL®), sprays (SUBSYS), patches (Duragesic) and nasal sprays (Lazanda). Even if a person gets a hold of a reputable dose of fentanyl, they will generally use much more than the very small dosage directed. This is the danger in drugs such as oxycodone that are legal but there is no comparison to the overdose potential of Fentanyl derivatives. The National Forensic Laboratory Information System stated that over only three years from 2014 to 2017 production of both legal and illegal fentanyl has increased from 5,400 in 2014 to 56,500 in 2017!

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