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    The Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Process

    Our team of air duct cleaning professionals are able to service even the largest commercial facilities. NJ Air Quality is fully insured and certified. We start by first analyzing the air HVAC system and see how all the lines and vents are setup. Then we will turn the system off and hook up a large hose to our industrial vacuum unit. The negative pressure from the vacuum will use the system vents and pull all the unwanted elements out into a trap. After doing a thorough vacuuming of the systems we will then insert either a whip or an air tool to remove the dirt from the surface of the vents. The objective is to push everything back to the trunks where it will get sucked up by the vacuum.

    Cleaning The AC Coils & Unit Blower

    After we have done the vacuuming and the commercial air ducts are clean, it’s now time to clean the actual heating and cooling system. If your facility has never had commercial air duct cleaning done before, chances are that the AC coils are filthy. Besides for dust and dirt, mold and bacteria can build up there. We will execute the cleaning of each system differently, since they are all unique. The air blower will be cleaned as well, allowing it to perform at it’s best.

    What Type Of Commercial Air Ducts Can You Clean?

    We can clean 99% of commercial air ducts. Whether the ducts are insulated with flex duct or fiberglass, we can clean it. Our service men use only ultra sensitive commercial air duct cleaning equipment, to assure that no harm is done to the system during the cleaning process.

    Why Do Commercial Facilities In New Jersey Turn To Us?

    The primary reason why our customers keep coming back to us is due to our honesty and integrity. Never will we adjust the price of the original quote, even if we have to take a loss. At the same time our work is thorough and no speck of dust is left behind. What that means for you, is a cleaner air cooling system running at maximum efficiency.

    How Much Does Commercial Air Duct Cleaning Cost?

    We are going to be straight up with you, we will need to provide a free in house quote to get an exact price. I am sure you can imagine that each system is different, depending on size and setup. Once we set the cost you can be sure that’s what you will pay.

    What building types can NJ Air Quality provide service?

    We have the capability to service many types of homes. Call one of our representatives today to get your property set-up with New Jersey’s number one expert in commercial air duct cleaning.

    Building Types We Service:

    • Restaurants
    • Warehouses
    • Schools
    • Fitness Centers
    • Condominiums
    • Government
    • Duplexes
    • Arenas

    We also do vent repair and replacement


    Whether you have questions, are ready to schedule service or would like a quote, we’re happy to help.

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      How can we help?